The Update You’ve Been Waiting For

The IAM Dashboard V2 is finally here!

Yes you read that right, our next version of the IAM Dashboard has finally launched and we think it’s awesome and hope you do too! Firstly, not all of the assets have been converted to ICX yet so don’t freak out about a severe difference between what you see on the Dashboard and the previous AUM report. Secondly, yes we will be lower in our ICX total because we are investing in ICON Dapps (Balanced and OMM specifically) that have lost a lot of value recently, but we believe they’ll return in value once BTP and other things start happening so we wanted to get in earlier (not at ridiculous prices though) than later. We may still buy more if they keep dropping beyond what we believe is logical return on them. The good news is that we are prepared for a moonshoot OR a toilet flush as we have a good amount of USDS in an OMM pool (also earning 1k OMM per day). ICON Asset Management was always a long term fund never meant to make quick profits but also grow itself with smart investments over time and we have full faith we are setting ourselves up in that way. Go check out the Dashboard here (

NOTE: There are a couple of small issues we are still resolving. If you don’t see the lines on the graph press the REFETCH link at the bottom of the chart. If you don’t see any estimated divs and are expecting to see them then just refresh and login again.

If That Wasn’t Enough!

ICON Asset Management Prep will now be the FIRST and currently ONLY Prep that will be accounting for Staked OMM votes in our rewards to our Prep voters. You MUST have at least 1 ICX staked and voted for ICON Asset Management Prep to take advantage of this amazing deal. You’ll also be able to see your expected voting divs for your Staked OMM you vote for ICON Asset Management Prep on the Dashboard after you stake and vote at least 1 ICX through the traditional staking and voting method. If you have questions about this please visit our Telegram channel here ( Our current rewards structure is 40% to the AUM Contract, 40% to voters, 20% to IAM token holders from the income every day.

More To Come!

Once BTP is up and running we plan to assess all of the assets that BTP will give us access to and diversify our investments further. As you can see from the Dashboard we acquired 6 ETH at around $2,500 which is clearly awesome at it’s current prices. This is the kind of thing that we want to continue doing with other assets as well. We all know that this bull market can’t last forever and eventually things will fall down, we are trying to make sure we are prepared for everything including the inevitable so we can build bigger and better for the next bull market. That is where IAM will truly shine.



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