ICON Asset Management Whitepaper

ICON Asset Management
4 min readFeb 13, 2021


A Profit-Sharing Asset Management P-Rep on the ICON Network

Whitepaper v1.0, Last Updated: 2/8/2021

Executive Summary

ICON Asset Management is an asset management firm based on the ICON blockchain. Through the use of various valuation techniques, as well as innovative investment vehicles, ICON Asset Management plans on growing it’s Assets Under Management (AUM) steadily and responsibly. To fund the beginning of the firm’s AUM, the founders will provide 300,000 TAP as the firm’s first investment. ICON Asset Management will provide pro-rata ownership of the AUM through it’s IAM token. ICON Asset Management will run a node on the ICON network, sharing up to 50% of the node rewards with voters. Voters and IAM token holders have the opportunity to earn monthly dividends from the AUM profits.

Why ICON Asset Management

We Help You

Our main focus is providing the opportunity for anyone to build wealth. Through our unique knowledge, skills, and connections, the ICON Asset Management team plans to deliver value to both token holders as well as voters on the ICON ecosystem. By pooling together funds, ICON Asset Management is able to give exposure to various asset classes while simultaneously mitigating risk for investors. Simply by voting for the ICON Asset Management P-Rep, voters will be able to start building an investment portfolio at no additional cost to themselves.

We Help ICON

ICON Asset Management is committed to helping sustain the growth of the ICON network:

  1. At least 50% of all ICX staked by ICON Asset Management will be evenly distributed across P-Reps ranked 23–100 who we feel are actively contributing to the success of our network.
  2. We plan on being “Angel Investors” for the ICON network. In exchange for our investment, we would receive proportional equity in the project. This “Angel Investment” would be combined with consulting from the ICON Asset Management team to ensure a profitable investment.
  3. Rather than simply vote sharing, our P-Rep is using voting rewards as a way to bring value to ICX. By investing these voting rewards within the network, we are increasing the success rate of ICON projects, which indirectly helps with both Token Deflation and Price Appreciation.

IAM Token & Token Economics

Token Details

IAM tokens represent a pro-rata ownership of our AUM. There will be a hard-cap of 10,000,000 total IAM, and the founding ICON Asset Management team will hold 6,000,000 (60%) of those IAM tokens. A portion of these 6,000,000 tokens will be used to provide liquidity for exchanges and raise capital for the AUM. The lockup period on the founders’ IAM tokens is one year, where founder tokens are not able to be sold but still accrue the pro-rata share of dividends distributed. 3,200,000 IAM tokens will be airdropped to voters of the “ICON Asset Management” P-Rep, as well as 800,000 IAM tokens available to be sold to raise capital for the fund, used for advisory shares, or exchanged for work done on our contracts. IAM token value will arise from the AUM and monthly dividends paid to all parties.

Token Distribution to Voters:

By voting for the “ICON Asset Management” P-Rep, ICX holders have the opportunity to receive their regular staking rewards, in addition to their proportional share of the node rewards distributed back to voters and their proportional share of the IAM token being airdropped.

Month 1: 1,000,000 IAM distributed

Month 2: 1,000,000 IAM distributed

Month 3: 300,000 IAM distributed

Month 4: 300,000 IAM distributed

Month 5: 300,000 IAM distributed

Month 6: 300,000 IAM distributed

Profit Distribution/Dividends Payout

0–6 months: 50% Voters, 10% Token Holders, 40% AUM

6–12 months: 50% Voters, 20% Token Holders, 30% AUM

1 year-1.5 year: 30% Voters, 40% Token Holders, 30% AUM

1.5 year — 2 year: 20% Voters, 50% Token Holders, 30% AUM

2 year+: 10% Voters, 60% Token Holders, 30% AUM

Investment Thesis

By developing a suitable asset allocation of broadly diversified investment vehicles, we plan on capturing unique value opportunities while mitigating our portfolio risk. Through the use of smart contracts, financial models and valuation techniques, our team is confident that we will be able to deliver both dividends, as well as token appreciation to our clients. With a long-term vision, our team will remain disciplined in our investment choices, refraining from P&D projects and unsustainable short-term gains. Staying on the forefront of trends such as DeFi and Yield Farming, we will create a portfolio that is both innovative as well as profitable.

Initial Fund Allocation

10% Trading, 10% ICX staking, 80% ICON assets

Prospective Fund Assets

  • Stable Coins (USDb, ICD, DAI, USDC)
  • Yield Farming Techniques (BAL, OMM)
  • Recurring Income Streams (TAP, LQD)
  • NFTs (Champions Virtual Horses, Project Nebula Planets)
  • Staking Rewards Coins (ICX)


ICON Asset Management is brought to you by a team that has its hands in many different projects on the ICON network. We pride ourselves on the reputations we have built within the community:

Geo dude: Co-Founder, Frontend Development, Investment Strategy

  • 7 years Senior Software Engineer for international financial institution
  • 3 years Financial Analyst for large advertising company
  • 15+ years in Software Engineering
  • B.S. in Computer Science

Paolo: Co-Founder, Marketing & Finance

  • 2+ years Accountant at Adidas
  • 2+ years Accountant at SNC Lavalin
  • 3+ years Financial Advisor at BMO
  • B.S. in Accounting and Finance

Shikamaru: Co-Founder, Investment Allocation & SCORE Developer

  • Finance internships at multiple Fortune 500 companies
  • B.S. in Finance

Cryptaddict: Advisor, TA Analyst, Trading Consultant


  • Past performance of AUM does not predict future returns of AUM.
  • There is always risk associated with investment both within and outside of the ICON network. Different types of investments present different degrees of risk.
  • In the event ICON Asset Management is dissolved, IAM token holders will receive the AUM proportionally to their holdings



ICON Asset Management

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