IAM Token & Token Economics Update

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2 min readMay 7, 2021


IAM Token & Token Economics

Token Details

IAM tokens represent a pro-rata ownership of our AUM. There is a hard-cap of 10,000,000 total IAM, and the founding ICON Asset Management team holds 5,250,000 (52.50%) of those IAM tokens. A portion of these 5,250,000 tokens will be used to provide liquidity for exchanges and raise capital for the AUM. The lockup period on the founders’ IAM tokens is one year, where founder tokens are not able to be sold but still accrue the pro-rata share of dividends distributed. 3,200,000 IAM tokens will be airdropped to voters of the “ICON Asset Management” P-Rep, 750,000 IAM tokens will be used for the first of two private/public DTO (Another 750,000 IAM will be used for the second DTO which will come from the Founders tokens), as well as 800,000 IAM tokens available to be sold to raise capital for the fund, used for advisory shares, or exchanged for work done on our contracts. IAM token value will arise from the AUM and monthly dividends paid to all parties.

Token Distribution to Voters:

By voting for the “ICON Asset Management” P-Rep, ICX holders have the opportunity to receive their regular staking rewards, in addition to their proportional share of the node rewards distributed back to voters and their proportional share of the IAM token being airdropped.

Month 1: 1,000,000 IAM distributed

Month 2: 1,000,000 IAM distributed

Month 3: 600,000 IAM distributed

Month 4: 400,000 IAM distributed

Month 5: 200,000 IAM distributed

Profit Distribution/Dividends Payout

0–6 months: 50% Voters, 10% Token Holders, 40% AUM

6–12 months: 50% Voters, 20% Token Holders, 30% AUM

1 year-1.5 year: 30% Voters, 40% Token Holders, 30% AUM

1.5 year — 2 year: 20% Voters, 50% Token Holders, 30% AUM

2 year+: 10% Voters, 60% Token Holders, 30% AUM



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