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2 min readAug 6, 2021

Hello All!

Firstly, Paolo, TJ, and I want to thank all of our supporters for joining us on this crazy journey. We started this project with an idea and a prayer and you were all here backing us up and believing in everything we have done and will do. While IAM is more of a passive investment we will always be thinking about how to grow our Assets Under Management fund which of course will grow your vested interest. While we do believe in dividends, if we give too many dividends at the start of the fund then it weakens the growth potential for the future.

The goal of IAM was always to help enable people to be able to retire (or live better) on dividends “IN THE FUTURE”, it was not meant to be within a year or even 2 years, but hopefully within 5 years the fund will be successful enough to be paying out the kind of dividends that will allow IAM holders to enjoy a nicer life. With that said here are the details of our next IAM DTO:

When: Saturday August 21st, 2021 at approx. 11am & 7pm EST.

Where: https://myicon.finance

Price: 0.379 USD/iAM (we will peg the ICX value closer to the 7th)

Amount: 400,000 iAM (200,000 at 11am & 200,000 at 7pm)

Duration: Private until August 22nd 00:00am EST then Public till 400,000 sold

Other Details:

  • This will be a private sale for those who voted for us in April through July.
  • Public DTO will happen after the 22nd if not all IAM sold.
  • Maximum allowed for purchase per wallet is 2000 iAM tokens.
  • 90% of the funds will go directly into the AUM.
  • After the Private and Public DTO the team will give an update on the value and assets in the AUM.

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