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2 min readMay 11, 2021

Firstly, Thank you to all our holders and our community. The growth and interest in this project has been amazing.

Our goal when creating this project was to be able to provide everyone with a way to earn passive income and look towards the future for financial freedom.

With these goals in mind we decided to make the dividend payouts daily, which will continue even after this announcement.

We have decided to add an additional dividend payment structure to the iAM project. In addition to the daily dividend payment iAM will also be paying a lump sum payment from the AUM every time it reaches a financial milestone.

What does this mean?

For every $5,000,000 reached in the AUM there will be a lump sum payment to iAM token holders for $1,000,000!!!

Please refer to the chart for the payment structure:

Please note each milestone will only be paid the first time it is reached unless the AUM falls below two milestones previous paid out. If that occurs then once two milestones are reached again the payouts will continue.

For example:

As shown in the image below the $17,000,000 milestone was paid out. If the AUM then falls below two previously paid milestones (In this case $13,000,000 and $9,000,000) and now the value of the AUM is under $9,000,000 then once the AUM reaches $13,000,000 then the $1,000,000 payouts will continue. Please note we will not pay the first milestone that is hit after the recovery (In this example the $9,000,000 milestone).

We believe this is yet another way to not only earn passive income for our iAM holders but also allows iAM holders to hold on to their iAM tokens and still earn a profit without selling.

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