AUM Update & Some Notes

ICON Asset Management
2 min readApr 23, 2022

Firstly let me start off by saying that the IAM fund is not a frequently hyped or updated project. It is an index-like fund that consists of long term investments. We created the IAM AUM Dashboard specifically for IAM holders to look up (most of) the Assets in the AUM (in terms of tokens. As far as NFTs we try to keep everyone updated on that often enough).

Secondly, if you wish to communicate with the IAM Admins then join our Telegram channel where we are the most communicative:

With that said we wanted to point out a couple of things to ease people’s worries:

  1. We acquired 176,656 ICX in our DTOs
  2. Our AUM contains 235,834 ICX value in tokens of which 36,745 is in sICX (staked ICX) and 28,692 is in ICX (68,936 ICX total value)
  3. Our AUM holds 40 Gangsta NFTs which there’s a 1k ICX floor value so the value is minimum 40,000 ICX (we have a lot of rarer GBs but this is just floor value)
  4. Our AUM holds ~250,000 CROWNs which we all know will be valuable when Emerald City comes out soon (if CROWN is only worth what GBET is then it would be about 34,000 ICX worth)
  5. The total estimated value of all IAM assets is 300,000+ ICX
  6. The IAM Holders have been paid out ~39,500 total ICX since the start of IAM from the Prep Rewards
  7. IAM Prep Voters have been paid out ~197,800 total ICX since the start of IAM from the Prep Rewards

What does this all mean?

It means that if you’ve been voting for the IAM Prep and holding IAM tokens since the start of IAM, then you’ve done well for yourself in returns already.

Unfortunately a couple of the ICON tokens we purchased (50,000 BALN and 200,000 OMM) haven’t performed as we had hoped they would. We are still hoping that in the coming bull market (and with BTP) these assets will return to their true potential.

Finally what this ultimately means is that if worst came to worst, at this exact moment in time, if we liquidated all of our assets into ICX we would be able to return every ICX that you swapped in our DTOs plus some additional ICX profits. This doesn’t include any of the ICX paid out to IAM holders and IAM Prep voters so that’s just icing that’s already been put on the cake.



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