Where: https://myicon.finance

When: Friday May 21, 2021

Time: 11 am EST. and 7 pm EST.

Price: 0.379 ICX/iAM (Pegged at $1.40 USD/ICX)

Amount: 200,000 iAM Total (120,000 iAM @ 11 am, 80,000 iAM @ 7 pm)

Duration: Until 200,000 iAM is sold out

Other Details:

  • Public DTO is open to everyone.
  • Maximum allowed for purchase per wallet is 500 iAM tokens (135 ICX).
  • 100% of the funds will go directly into the AUM.

For more information please join our telegram channel https://t.me/MyICONFinance or follow us on twitter @MyICON_IAM



ICON Asset Management

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